trend-setting custom mountain solutions

We are specialized engineers that provide trend-setting solutions for projects that operate in the mountains. We understand the challenges of operating through weather, short construction windows, helicopter access, and worker safety. We apply our practical hands-on experience ensuring schedules and budgets are met.

Engineering Design

We specialize in the technical design of unique structures in challenging environments.

The design of avalanche protection infrastructure demands the ability to merge classic engineering principles to the complexity of the mountain environment. 6 Point Engineering has expertise in all aspects of the following:

We have expertise in:

  • Avalanche mitigation systems
  • Remote avalanche control systems
  • Avalanche snow shed design
  • Avalanche deflection berms
  • Avalanche stopping walls
  • Avalanche fencing
  • Ski area layout and design
  • Helicopter pads

Avalanche Risk Management

Snow avalanches can present serious risks to workers, infrastructure and highways. 6 Point Engineering provides practical solutions for operations that need to do business in avalanche terrain. We provide avalanche risk assessments and design risk reduction solutions including zoning, planning, explosive control and permanent structural designs for the following sectors:

  • Transportation
  • Mining, oil, and gas
  • Subdivisions
  • Hydroelectric
  • Ski areas
  • Backcountry ski lodges

Mountain Health & Safety Planning

Operating in mountainous terrain puts workers at risk. We work with clients to create safe work environments.

6 Point Engineering specializes in practical and functional engineering design solutions for worker fall restraint, fall arrest and rope access in steep mountainous terrain. We provide fall risk assessments, perform engineering designs and inspect new or existing systems. We provide services for transportation, mining, oil and gas, hydroelectric, and ski industries.

Worker fall restraint, fall arrest and rope access in steep mountainous terrain. Emergency services include feasibility and logistics planning for worksites and camps.

Project Management

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